2020 NC Election Primary Voting Guide

Iredell / Davie County


2020 Conservative Ballot: Iredell / Davie County Tea Party Patriots:

After careful consultation, with national events to include the recent attempts by the democrat party to disarm Virginia. We have created the following voting guide to better safeguard our Republic, preserve our Constitution, and back President Donald Trump.

Iredell / Davie County Elections

President – Donald Trump 

US Senate – Thom Tillis

Congress - McHenry

Congress (Davie Co) Ted Budd

NC Gov – Dan Forest 

Lt Gov – Andy Wells or Mark Robinson

Atty of General – Sam Hayes 

Com of Labor – Pearl Floyd

NC Sec State – Michael LaPaglia 

NC Public Instruction – Craig Horn 

NC Auditor – Hoegemeyer

NC Commissioner of Insurance – Mike Causey

NC Agriculture Commission – Steve Troxler

NC Treasurer – Dale Folwell

Iredell Commissioners

Scottie Brown, Raymond Burnette, Steve Ellis

Davie Commissioners 

Mark Jones, Aaron Oneal , Steve Corriher

Dave Co Register of Deeds

Kelly Funderburk


Iredell JUDGES ! - Rob Young, Julia Gullet, Adam Hilton

NC Supreme Court – Paul Newby 

Assoc Judge – Phil Berger

Assoc Judge Tamara Barringer 

Ct of Appeals – April Wood

Ct of Appeals – Fred Gore 

Ct of Appeals – Chris Dillon

Ct of Appeals – Jeff Carpenter 

Ct of Appeals – Jeff Griffin